In the beginning, there was the Belcarra blouse


After sewing a few pillow cases and a skirt without patterns, and after running into Sewaholic patterns on my google search a few times (in the beginning I thought ‘that is a stupid name- how can one be addicted to sewing?’ That was naïve…now I know it is a brilliant title!) and I loved it all. Didn’t read any reviews, didn’t even check the level or anything, just ordered a Belcarra Blouse. When it got here (printed), I had no idea what to do and how to transfer the pattern. First thing I cut it! Don’t worry, not on the sizing lines, but I just separated the parts(never again!). But now what? how do I keep the pattern and transfer it to the fabric? Then it came to me (I think some googling was involved)- wax paper. It is cheap, and it is transparent! I copied size 8 (or maybe even 10) and sewed it on a lovely but unsuitable fabric I got in a quilting shop (I didn’t know what I was doing, ok?) a few more darts later (it was huge and looked like a sack) I was happy! I even wore it to a presentation I was giving in front of a bunch of engineers! And no one knew it was my own work. I was proud with my little secret…

Belcarra group picture

Eight out of nine Belcarra blouse!

Now, after Nine Blecarras  (one for Mom, the only C view),  and changing to  a size 6 I still have a few issues with it, but mainly because I am getting sloppy.

Now just the doted Belcarras!

And now just the polka dot Belcarras!

The neckline is too stiff and looks weird sometimes, and I sometimes get the sleeves to clutter under my arm. But it will always be a favorite!


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