“What? You sewed it?” – My first knit shirt


I wasn’t planning to sew with knit. I was very happy with woven fabrics. But then a friend brought me her moms’ leftovers. It included about 2 yards of viscose knit with small flowers. It was time. I got the Renfrew top and made a combination between the views, as I made it with the short sleeves and with the collar. I’m very happy of the collar, there is something comforting about it and it fits even for the summer.  It also gives it a unique look, though I plan to make this pattern as a simple T as well.

I first made it with fabric I got at the thrift shop here in Davis. Though it is a little too warm for the summer. However, the second version, from the viscose knit, is (almost) PERFECT. It is a little too big, but I’m not sure if changed after wearing and washing or was it too big to begin with. The best part: My husband is gone a lot for work. When he was home I wore the Renfrew in the morning and asked “what do you think of my new shirt”. I don’t know I did that, he usually doesn’t care much. But he was truly surprised and asked: “what? You sewed it?” It was so much easier to get it look “right” with a knit.


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