Recalculating My Me-Made


I’ve been sewing a lot, and I learned a lot through it, and about it. But even though sewing made me more patient and I feel my skills are improving, I’m still too reckless and fast on the (sewing machine) paddle. So I am  taking some time off constantly sewing new garments in order to rethink my habits, my goals, my path. There are a few things I feel I  should change:

  1. Using all my scraps and reusing old clothes.
  2. Refashioning my old  me-made items. I already had to let go some of my first me-made items on the move back to Israel. Some were made with a poor choice of fabric when I had no clue what I’m doing. Some are just not practical anymore.
    I should plan my wardrobe. As much as I like spare of the moment choices at the fabric store, I should also balance them with planned color pallet and buy more solids, not just prints.
  3. Organizing my patterns,  and alterings the ones I know I should alter. I should also try and document more on Textillia
  4. Polishing skills. There are a few details I keep doing, and I keep doing poorly. It is time to tackle yokes finish and necklines, both with woven and knit.

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