Recalculating – Once Again

recalculating me-made, Sewing

Every now and then I feel it is too much: I have too many clothes, everything is in a big mess, and I still don’t have all the garments I really need. I also feel I have too many patterns I didn’t use at all, or I didn’t alter enough to fit perfectly.

So I then stop and call “recalculating-me-made”.

I start organizing. I start planning. I alter and mend existing clothes.  I mainly recycle and upscale some garments. I feel all good about myself. But pretty fast, as if I’m on a sewing diet, the discouraging thoughts in my head starts howling:  “I am lazy for not using the machine for so long”. “My stash is not getting any smaller” and the worst one: “I will never conquer the pile of clothes I planned to recycle“.

So yes, I need to balance. After all, recalculating-me-made is not only about stopping to sew new garments. It is about taking the time to learn more techniques (craftsy here I come) so the quality of what I make will improve. It is about planning a wardrobe that I will actually use giving the non-dress code at work and the Israeli weather.

While on recalculating mode, I sometimes feel I have done “nothing”. But I realized, it is not true at all. What I did in the last month or so:

  • Added hanging loops to all my garments to better arrange my closet.


  • I went through my closet and got rid of old stuff I never use. I also reorganized it.



The t-shirt party! Belcarra Sorbetto and Akita


  • I made 2 new skirts out of old pants (got tons of compliments on them from family and colleagues). In addition, I also learned about construction and fitting through this process!
  • I mended some armholes and some zippers on old me-mades.
  • I cleaned and oiled my machine (I love doing it!)
  • I stopped my seamwork  magazine subscription. I still love their style, but I don’t need so many patterns. will probably go back one day.
  • I made pencil skirt sloper, tested it with cheap fabric and  also tried to make a knit pencil skirt:

Some (Jewish new year and birthday)resolutions

  • To use the fitting method both dresses and pants. (My brother arrives today from the US with the Create The Perfect Fit . I had a nightmare he forgot to pack it)
  • Pants trousers and jeans: I tried a few times with the Thurlow trousers  but it never worked . I also got this pattern McCall’s Perfect Jeans M5894  , and I think I even made muslin a while back, but then decided to use the denim I got for a simpler pattern.
  • To improve my waistband technique. I use waistbands all the time, and I suck.
  • To improve my neckline techniques for both woven and knits (I can’t make a coal collar every single time. Or maybe I can….)
  • To plan ahead. I don’t like the “fashion” part of sewing. But I will have to try a little harder.
  • Making knickers and bras. Come on, it is not that hard. I also need more Manila leggings and Savannah