Who? Me?

I am sewing for a year now but documented nothing. I want to start keeping track of what I did, the patterns alterations I made, the catastrophic results and the wonderful triumph. I have 2 more months to live in Davis, CA before going back to Israel, after 3 years. That is whyI have to stop sewing cloth for myself for a while – I just can’t take it with me. So instead I plan to use my time to finish up my fabric, document my work, organize my patterns and altering the patterns that I promised myself I would.

Why do I sew? Because I was bored (doing my PhD. Not the best grad student in the world, right?) and needed a hobby. But I never did any craft, unless you count cooking and baking. Knitting (which people tried to teach me way too many times) requires too much concentration with all that counting. Woodwork? It is too messy. So I got a sewing machine, the Janome 2212, which was the cheapest machine that my friend Sarah allowed me to buy. She was right saying that the cost of the machine is nothing compared to the cost of fabric. And I don’t even buy expensive fabric. It served me well, but I can’t take it with me to Israel, so I’ll need to get a new one. I started a list of my best options, just to understand that the models sold in Europe/middle east are different than those in the US.

Why do I continue to sew? Because I just love it. For the first time, I make my own cloth and I can control the fabrics and patterns. There is just a special feeling that goes with wearing my own work.

I started with a pillow cover, moved to a skirt (no pattern, just drawing using instructions) and then (dramatic pause) I bought the Belcarra blouse by Sewaholic. I made it 8 times since then (one for my mom) and I think I will probably make many more.  I got more patterns, including from the thrift shop. See here for the list.

my sewing space is the leaving room. and usually, the leaving space is in the sewing room

From scraps I made some shopping baskets and oven meets which were an engagement gift to my neighbors (I got a heads-up before the proposal so I was ready on time). I tried some fleece hats, most of them are waiting to be completed. It was too boring, especially when I was trying to make 10 of them for camping friends. the lesson I learned: don’t sign up for boring projects. They are boring. And it is NOT time well spend, efforts and money. The only project that was similar but I LOVED was making 6 capes for 6 nieces. It was adorable making them in all those small sizes, and the fabric was so cute!


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