The title issue


A title! For my blog! I must find a great name for my blog. Anything I think of, someone else already thought of before! Fast, what do I do? I have an original thought: Maybe something that have to do with the word ‘sew’? A quick search shows it a direct pass to hell. How about ‘an Ofer you can’t refuse’ – NO, I shell refuse. How about something simple? Just plain ‘Ofer’. Or ‘Oferika’, the a nickname that only my beloved gramma that taught me how to sew used? Didn’t have one (a nickname nor a grandma that taught me how to sew).
Got it, ‘the wondering sew’. Get it? I’m like, you know, Jewish… and I was away from our homeland for 3 years… but don’t worry, I’m going back.
No! I have a better one, Ofer me to sew! No no no, why not ‘OferMeSew!’ Like tiramisu! Yes. I love it. And it is less offensive than a reference to an anti-Semitic legend… may the goddesses of sewing blogs bless this blog and its loving mother in many fun sewing moments and a way to take pictures of my projects (because I want to spend my money on sewing, not on a camera)!