The Dress(es).


I hardly wear Dresses. Sometimes going out, and back home while visiting my in-laws and going to synagogue, But still, I made about four lately. I bought two patterns: The Dahlia dress by Colette and Sandra dress by Salme. Basically, my main issue with any dress is that I usually need to merge two sizes together.

The Daliha first version was made with a beautiful fabric I found at Walmart, with a contrast green yoke from Walmart reduced priced section (how low can I get?). I put a lot of effort on fitting the yoke right, and it paid off, but I still had some problems. First, I cut a size too big, so I had to make it narrower here and there. It also had a few issues that many people complained about around the neck opening being too wide or doesn’t sit right. The second time I tried to do an SBA AND made it a size smaller. It ended up being even wider around the neck, and hard to get in it. I think I will try again once I find a suitable fabric that will scream “D-A-H-L-I-A” but by then I should fix the pattern to a regular size 6. One hesitation though. I suspect that this kind of pattern is not right for me. It hides my waists, which I shouldn’t hide and put emphasis on my small bust. I’ll see with next change…

The Sandra also started with some cheap but beautiful fabric, but I don’t remember where I got it. The pattern doesn’t include the seam allowance, and the first time I added 5mm everywhere, but some places asked for more. It fitted nicely, until I bent over for my shoe one day and heard it ripping in the center back… didn’t fix it just yet.


The second time I tried to make into a top, but it ended so poorly, that I rather no talk about it. It involved me making alterations and forgetting the seam allowance.

For the third time I made it, I prepared the pattern again adding the proper seam allowance everywhere it is needed. And viola, it was a much better fit. It was made out of more fabric from my Mom’s friend fabrics. It was very pale peach, and I would have never gotten it myself. I made the yoke from a light pink fabric to add some color next to my face. I considered not adding the sleeve as it looked good without them but chose to add them after all. Sleeves will make the dress more useful while visiting my in-laws on Shabbat and going to the synagogue with them. However, as I suspected, it looked nicer sleeveless. This pattern is more flattering to my body type as it put emphasis on my waist. I should try and eliminate the little “belly” it adds me, but overall it is a good pattern for an elegant and fitted dress that I am likely to make again someday.

As I wrote, I have my eyes set on those: Moneta Harwood,  and Anna. The last one is the type that I just love but will wear once a year at best…the first two I might wear to work so…