Goodbye Davis!


This is my last post from Davis CA before I head back to Israel after 3 years. I still need to sell my sewing machine and I am not happy about it.

I finished another pair of pants (McCall’s M9113) that I am happy about, with a super colorful flower prints. This time I added back pockets, based on the Granville ones. They are always fun to make.

I also made this light pink knit dress (McCall’s M9116). I cut a size 14 and 18, and it was huge! I eventually almost completely just modified it, which was easy, given it is knit…I tried to iron a hemming tape, but it ended up all wrong and I just wanted to be done with this dress. It was supposed to be simple, but due to errors I made and the sizing issue was a little too much work for such a simple project. The gathering in the back is cute, but I am not a fan of the shoulders gathering. Also, the collar  looks a little off, and I prefer the Renfrew collar.