So I’ve been sewing a lot…


but just didn’t have the time to blog, and mainly taking pictures.

I finally got a Seamwork subscription, and already tried:  Lisbon ( I think I got the bias cutting all wrong, the back was huge!),  Camden (didn’t get the lining and face to be just right, and I still need to hem and add buttons…),  Wembley (use one of the two every day!) and the  Mesa tunic dress (my new uniform. Well, it was, until it got too hot). I also got the Brooklyn but didn’t get to try yet.

The Mesa is great (made 4 in a month!), but I had to merge a size S, XS and L together to make it fit right. I also made  all of them 1” to 2” longer, and in some case also made the sleeves longer. My favourite it the black version, where I added the  Renfrew top‘s great collar! it is the great hack , combining two great patterns.

Now, it is time for summer planning. The summer in Israel is just around the corner (already had really hot days) and I need to work-appropriate  clothes. Should add: work clothing in Israel, especially where I work, is VERY casual. So it has to be heat and humidity friendly, light, comfortable, and easy to wash… and to match with my other clothes.

I used light viscose and a dressed-hack of my favourite pattern, the Belcarra blouse, to make 3 summer dresses.


I also made a  denim sleeveless  Sandra dress, by Salme Patterns. The fabric choice was inspired by Colette’s Phoebe


Sleeveless Denim Sandra Dress



The Dress(es).


I hardly wear Dresses. Sometimes going out, and back home while visiting my in-laws and going to synagogue, But still, I made about four lately. I bought two patterns: The Dahlia dress by Colette and Sandra dress by Salme. Basically, my main issue with any dress is that I usually need to merge two sizes together.

The Daliha first version was made with a beautiful fabric I found at Walmart, with a contrast green yoke from Walmart reduced priced section (how low can I get?). I put a lot of effort on fitting the yoke right, and it paid off, but I still had some problems. First, I cut a size too big, so I had to make it narrower here and there. It also had a few issues that many people complained about around the neck opening being too wide or doesn’t sit right. The second time I tried to do an SBA AND made it a size smaller. It ended up being even wider around the neck, and hard to get in it. I think I will try again once I find a suitable fabric that will scream “D-A-H-L-I-A” but by then I should fix the pattern to a regular size 6. One hesitation though. I suspect that this kind of pattern is not right for me. It hides my waists, which I shouldn’t hide and put emphasis on my small bust. I’ll see with next change…

The Sandra also started with some cheap but beautiful fabric, but I don’t remember where I got it. The pattern doesn’t include the seam allowance, and the first time I added 5mm everywhere, but some places asked for more. It fitted nicely, until I bent over for my shoe one day and heard it ripping in the center back… didn’t fix it just yet.


The second time I tried to make into a top, but it ended so poorly, that I rather no talk about it. It involved me making alterations and forgetting the seam allowance.

For the third time I made it, I prepared the pattern again adding the proper seam allowance everywhere it is needed. And viola, it was a much better fit. It was made out of more fabric from my Mom’s friend fabrics. It was very pale peach, and I would have never gotten it myself. I made the yoke from a light pink fabric to add some color next to my face. I considered not adding the sleeve as it looked good without them but chose to add them after all. Sleeves will make the dress more useful while visiting my in-laws on Shabbat and going to the synagogue with them. However, as I suspected, it looked nicer sleeveless. This pattern is more flattering to my body type as it put emphasis on my waist. I should try and eliminate the little “belly” it adds me, but overall it is a good pattern for an elegant and fitted dress that I am likely to make again someday.

As I wrote, I have my eyes set on those: Moneta Harwood,  and Anna. The last one is the type that I just love but will wear once a year at best…the first two I might wear to work so…